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9 wines in list priced between R 0 and R 2000
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Angels Tears Le Chocolat Pinotage 2018

This is a smooth, medium bodied red wine with appealing ripe plums, blackberry and licorice, enlivened by notes of coffee and chocolate on the nose, and supported by a well-balanced oak and tannin structure. The award winning 2018 vintage is a smooth and medium bodied Pinotage with appealingly ripe fruitiness and hints of chocolate.
Alc: 14.4  RS: 2.58  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.31
Red • Dry • Light • Fruity •
A very versatile red wine perfect with any red meats or barbecue dishes.

R 515 for 6 bottles

R86 per bottle
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Angels Tears Red 2018

This fruity red is a blend of predominantly Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with splashes of Petit Verdot for good measure, all harvested from Grande Provence vineyards in Franschhoek. The Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon is an easy drinking red blend with upfront red berry flavours on the nose and palate. This medium bodied wine has soft, smooth tannins, perfect for everyday enjoyment.
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Alc: 13.0  RS: 4.2  pH: 3.58
Red • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
“Our Angels Tears Red goes down perfectly with meat off the braai, or just enjoy it in good company – it’s always a crowd pleaser,” says winemaker Thys Smit.

R 414 for 6 bottles

R69 per bottle
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Angels Tears Rose 2019

This is a lovely fresh,crisp Rosé with upfront,fresh raspberries, peaches and cherry flavours with notes of spice and blossoms. This is awell-balanced, easy drinking wine with a delightful fruity profile.
50% Chenin Blanc, 50% Pinotage
Alc: 13.0  RS: 3.33  pH: 3.38  TA: 5.4
Rose • Semi Sweet • Light • Fruity •
Enjoy a glass on its own or pair the Rosé with lightly seasoned seafood dishes or summer salads. It is the perfect picnic wine.Enjoy chilled.

R 413 for 6 bottles

R69 per bottle
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Grande Provence Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Here’s a perfect medium-bodied red wine for sipping by the fireside to ward off the winter chill. The nurturing velvety tannins and elegant finish will wrap you in pure winter comfort. This wine teems with raspberries, cherries, mulberries and plumbs with notes of fruitcake, pencil shavings and tobacco.
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alc: 14.0  RS: 2.7  pH: 3.41  TA: 5.8
Red • Dry • Medium • Fragrant •
This plush red wine sips beautifully on its own or enjoy it with hearty roasts, steaks or lamb skewers bedecked in mushroom and rosemary.

R 888 for 6 bottles

R148 per bottle
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Grande Provence Chardonnay 2018

Our lightly wooded 2018 vintage is an elegant, full-bodiedwine with outstanding fruit and wood integration. Experience citrus, almonds and creamy notes with nuances of vanilla. The wine hasfocused acidity on the palate with an elegant fruit driven, and slight mineral lingering finish supported by the oak.
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 14.0  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.45  TA: 5.1
White • Dry • Full • Fragrant •
Enjoy this beautiful wine with smoked fish and creamy seafood dishes. Also works well with roasted pork or chicken.

R 888 for 6 bottles

R148 per bottle
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Grande Provence Chenin Blanc 2018

This unwooded, crisp white wine shows passion fruit, guava and apricot on the nose. The palate displays concentrated layers of white peach, apple and pear, balanced with a fresh acidity and textural finish.
100% Chenin Blanc
Alc: 13.50  RS: 2.8  pH: 3.43
White • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Enjoy this wine with hearty salads and simply prepared pork or chicken dishes. it is also a great partner to grilled pear with a honey glaze sauce.

R 582 for 6 bottles

R97 per bottle
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Grande Provence Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Crafted in a vibrant, fruit driven style, Grande Provence Sauvignon Blanc 2018 captures the full tropical fruit spectrum with hints of cut grass on the nose so typical of this variety. This medium-bodied wine shows an abundance of gooseberries, fig and guava. The palate is concentrated with a zesty acidity and long lingering finish.
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alc: 12.50  RS: 1.8  pH: 3.36  TA: 5.3
White • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Enjoy with vegetarian dishes, salads or lightly seasoned seafood or chicken dishes.  This is a lovely food wine, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

R 729 for 6 bottles

R122 per bottle
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Grande Provence Shiraz 2017

A full bodied red wine with ripe blackberry and plum flavours followed by delicate white pepper nuances on the nose and palate.Well integrated oak, soft tannins and an elegant finish, make for a wonderful tasting experience.
100% Shiraz
Alc: 14.50  RS: 1.8  pH: 3.58  TA: 5.1
Red • Dry • Medium • Herbaceous •
Our Shiraz can be enjoyed with smoked meats and charcuterie, game dishes and red meat with an intense pepper sauce.

R 888 for 6 bottles

R148 per bottle
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The Grande Provence White 2016

The wine is rich, full-bodied with upfront layers of fruit and well-integrated oak.Thiswhite blend intrigues and offers immense pleasure now and rewards cellaring for up to 5 years.
60% Chenin Blanc, 40% Viognier
Alc: 14.0  RS: 3.4  pH: 3.56
White • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Fresh seafood platters, delicious steamed mussel pots or fresh crusty home baked bread and rich farm butter.

R 2260 for 6 bottles

R377 per bottle
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